Patient Services

The Institute for Functional Health of McAllen was designed to function as your first stop for non-emergency healthcare services. While we certainly offer Primary Care for annual exams, sick visits, labs and prescription re-fills - our long-term plan for you is that we help to identify the root cause of your symptoms.

Our Functional Health approach to your symptoms is how we've helped thousands of patients across San Antonio (and across the U.S. via telemedicine) to stop masking symptoms with medicine and supported the body's ability to naturally heal itself. If you are new to Functional Medicine, we strongly advise you to explore our website and see the amazing transformations for yourself. It is amazing what is possible when we take a step back and stop medicating our body in the same way year after year . . . decade after decade.

Patients suffering physical pain may find that Chiropractic Care is the only intervention that is needed. Even our chiropractic care is unlike others, however, as we dig deeper to understand the root cause of the pain. Back pain, neck pain, headaches, sports injuries or automobile injuries . . . before jumping into an endless cycle of pain management therapy, give yourself the best chance of a natural, healthy recovery through chiropractic care.

We also utilize many other therapies and services in conjunction with the above models of care.

Explore our website for more information - or schedule your Discovery Day with our clinicians so our team can identify the root cause of your health issues...and we work with you to gameplan the most efficient and safe path to naturally restoring your health and vitality.

  • Trigger Point Injection - An excellent first course of therapy for ending chronic pain. With this all-natural anti-inflammatory injection to relax the muscles and relieve nerve pressure, you'll feel relief in just a few days - buying yourself more time to address the root cause with a more permanent solution.
  • Non-Surgical Joint Repair - Regenerative tissue therapy involves the injection of stem cells or platelet-rich plasma at the site of torn or worn cartilage and ligaments. Professional athletes have been utilizing this technology for years and now patients access this everyday to treat osteoarthritis, worn-down knee joints, and aging hips. This therapy is cutting-edge and new uses are being discovered all the time.
  • Spinal Decompression - Back pain is one of the most reported reasons for why patients start a downward spiral of not feeling like themselves. Back pain can keep you from being as active as you'd like. That inactivity may lead to a cascade of other symptoms affecting your diet and hormones and gut health. Before resigning yourself to back surgery and the lengthy recovery, try spinal decompression therapy and give your body a fighting chance to heal itself. As part of an overall gameplan for back pain, decompression can be the lynchpin of a natural recovery.
  • Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy - Hormones affect almost every element of your being - physically, mentally, emotionally. And as you would expect, when something that important is out of balance, it can trigger a cascade of symptoms across every body system. But not all hormones are created equal. Learn why there should be no other option than Bio-Identical Hormones due to their safety and efficacy.

Stop the Cycle of Medications &
Get to the Root Cause