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Doctor Tagle

Dr. Pablo Tagle III DC

Clinical Director of the Institute for Functional Health of McAllen

After seeing chiropractic patients struggle with physical pain due to health issues they battled their whole lives, Dr. Tagle was inspired to find a better way to help patients suffering from debilitating conditions and how the body could be restored to its natural state.

Dr. Tagle found that answer when he met with Dr. Jacob Torres PhD MPH DC, the founder of the Institute for Functional Health based in San Antonio in 2017. 

The Total Health Transformation Program developed by Dr. Torres was not just another Functional Medicine program, but rather an all-encompassing approach to healthcare the way it was meant to be practiced.

Dr. Torres has helped thousands of patients in San Antonio and now Dr. Tagle delivers those same customized game plans to patients here in McAllen who are ready for a permanent solution - and not just a Band Aid.

Read more about how Dr. Tagle has integrated functional medicine with primary care to offer patients a holistic and natural approach to relieve mental, physical and emotional pain that comes from chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, inflammatory disorders, chronic fatigue & pain, diabetes, numerous autoimmune disorders and much...much more.  Continue reading . . .


Dr. Jacob Torres PhD MPH DC

Founder of the Institute for Functional Health

Dr. Torres founded the Institute for Functional Health in San Antonio after experiencing the failures of modern medicine in his own family.

He was frustrated seeing his mother struggle with chronic diseases such as diabetes, Granuloma Sarcoidosis and cardiac disease. There was never an explanation from doctors and he realized that the healthcare system was not designed to create solutions, but rather to kick the can down the road with more prescriptions.

That began Dr. Torres's long journey of education and discovery, and that was a life-changing event for thousands of patients whose lives would change forever thanks to his vision for medicine.

Dr. Torres completed Doctor of Medicine in 2019, but has elected to hold off on Residency and Licensure to focus on helping more practitioners to learn his unique system for investigating the root cause of symptoms and building a comprehensive game plan that cures the whole - without an endless cycle of prescriptions.

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Joe Perales grew up in McAllen, Texas and graduated from Nikki Rowe HS in 1998. He then attended undergraduate school at UTPA and then pursued his nursing studies at South Texas College. It was there that he earned his LVN and ADN-RN credentials.

He began his career in long-term care and skilled nursing where he was particularly drawn to the special role of the nurse-patient relationship.

Joe continued advancing his knowledge with a Bachelor's in Nursing from UT-Arlington in 2014 and Masters of Science in Nursing at Walden University in 2016.  Read more . . .

Dr. Khym Zarzuela, D.O.

Medical Director of the 

Institute for Functional Health of McAllen

Khym B. Zarzuela, D.O. is an AARM (American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine) Practitioner who has embraced the principles of Anti-Aging Medicine into his practice of whole patient wellness. In addition to his experience in primary care and urgent care, Dr. Zarzuela also has a special interest in treating women and men in all stages of their lives.  His goal is to deliver vibrant, balanced, pain free and healthy lives using balanced hormones and cutting edge therapies for pain management.

Dr. Zarzuela has been practicing family medicine and urgent care since 1994 in the Central/South Texas area including San Antonio, Austin, New Braunfels and Floresville.  Read more . . .

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