Total Health
Transformation Program

Now Is The Time
To Take Control

  • Wake up each day with a plan for building a healthy you
  • Regain the energy of your youth
  • End the cycle of prescription refills

Diabetes. Acid Reflux. High Blood Pressure. Arthritis. Obesity. Chronic Pain. Depression. Fatigue. High Cholesterol. Migraines. Heart Disease. Cancer. Low Testosterone. Inflammation.

Your body was not designed to suffer these conditions and diseases

The Total Health Transformation Program is a comprehensive health and wellness program unlike any health program you have seen before.  And the reason is simple . . . each patient's program is customized by our doctors to take into account your unique health situation.  By its own defintion, your program will be unique to you and unlike anything else you have experienced.

The Unique Factors That Go Into Creating Your Customized Plan :

  • Your Genetics
  • Your Blood Chemistry
  • Your Hormone Levels
  • Your Body's Hidden Allergies

It All Begins With Your Discovery Day

From the moment you step into our office, you will see what sets the Institute for Functional Health apart from a visit to your typical doctor.  You will not see a waiting room of a dozen people all waiting for their 10 minutes with the doctor.  You should expect to spend 30-40 minutes with the doctor on your Discovery Day.

Step 1 - Discovery Day

You can expect your conversation with the doctor to be very in-depth as the doctor probes to learn as much as he or she can about how you feel in ever aspect of your well-being. Please bring whatever recent medical records you have on hand, such as lab results, MRI's, X-rays, CT scans, etc.

Our #1 priority at your Discovery Day is to help you understand why you feel bad and your body is suffering even after years of medications and multiple visits with physicians and specialists.

Step 2 - Lab Testing

Your blood is a great storyteller of your true health. And our doctors are trained to read that story by analyzing specific lab tests for genetic markers, hormones levels, and signs of distress within the body.

These tests are normally not requested by your physician or specialist because these tests are not indicators for a needed medication.  However, our doctors are focused on determining the root cause and reversing your body's need for medications in the first place.

Many of our clinics have an on-site lab and blood can be drawn in the office at your Discovery Day. If your clinic does not have an on-site lab, we can assist you in finding a lab convenient for you and provide you the necessary lab order for the needed tests.

Step 3 - Let's Get To Work

In the week following your Discovery Day, our doctors will carefully review your lab results and their notes from your first meeting.  The result is your very own customized Total Health Transformation Program.

When designing your Total Health Transformation Program, your doctor will lay out the roadmap for your success.  For some patients that may be just a few weeks of working together, while for others it could be several months.

Beginning today your life is forever changed. You will leave the Institute empowered with the knowledge to make healthy choices for yourself.  To actually make healthy choices that are unique to you and your body.

Step 4 - Unwavering Support

While each patient's Program will be unique, you can count on an unprecedented level of educational, motivational, and emotional support during your Transformation.

On subsequent visits to the clinic, you will undergo continued monitoring of lab results so that your doctor can adjust your Program based on actual results. Everyone's body reacts differently to these inputs, and regular adjustments are critical to ensuring you are positioned for lifelong success.

Step 5 - Go Live Your New Life

This unique combination of smart meal planning, effective nutrient supplementation, and focused physical activity will be unlike any relationship you have had with previous doctors.

Most doctors consider it a success when medication effectively treats your condition, and you must then return every six months for a prescription refill.

For doctors at The Institute for Functional Health, our success is judged by keeping you medication-free. We want to see you in 6 months to interview you as a success story . . . not so you can get another prescription re-fill.  

Now go enjoy life!

You now have the knowledge and confidence to take control of your health without the endless cycle of doctors visits.  You are on your way to returning your body to its Natural State and you have earned your Total Health Transformation.

Stop the Cycle of Medications &
Get to the Root Cause