2021: The Year of Health

Has Your Annual Exam Ever Changed Your Life?

Do you feel like your annual health exam is an incredible waste of time?

You spend 15 10 7 minutes with your doctor going through the same checklist as last year...

You are told that even though you feel older, fatigued and foggy - your labs look good and there's nothing wrong...

And you're given another year of prescription refills to keep your labs in line...

But this is NOT how you were designed to feel!

A New & Different Type of Annual Exam

This is why I've designed a wellness exam protocol that is different than any exam you've ever had.

This exam is not a checklist.

This exam is not simply a Rx refill appointment.

Make no mistake, this exam is a 30 minute comprehensive exam where our team investigates the root cause of your symptoms.

If you need a medication refill - no problem, we've got you covered.

But our goal is always to help you END your reliance on medications.

COVID-19 has proven to us (the human species) that we are most resilient when we are healthy.

And this is why I'm so proud that the Institute for Functional Health is the Home of the Healthiest Patients in McAllen.

While wearing masks and receiving the vaccine are positive steps - reducing the root cause of underlying conditions will continue to be the single most effective method of taking control of your own destiny.


Almost all health insurance plans include one annual exam at no cost to you. And we offer inexpensive exams and in-depth lab testing for those without insurance.

We accept all major health insurance plans.

Don't Settle Again

Join us declaring 2021 as The Year of Health.

Don't settle for the status quo . . . another year of the same medications . . . the same symptoms . . . the same plan for "managing" your conditions.

I invite you to schedule your Annual Wellness Exam with us here at the Institute for Functional Health.

When you call us at (956) 476-3686, you'll connect with our Patient Advocate, Connie. She is here to make sure you get any questions answered and make sure we are a good fit for you.

We take our moniker as Home of the Healthiest Patients in McAllen very seriously...so if you are not looking for a new and different model of primary care...if you are looking for someone to fill your meds and send you home...then we are probably not a good fit for you.

When you step through our doors, we take your health very seriously and our entire team has one singular focus - investigating the root cause of your underlying conditions and developing a custom gameplan so that you can live your healthiest and most fulfilling life.

I look forward to personally meeting you soon.

In Health,
Dr. Pablo Tagle III, DC D.PSc
Clinical Director, Institute for Functional Health of McAllen

Stop the Cycle of Medications &
Get to the Root Cause