April 26

Am I suffering from Chronic Pain?

Chronic Pain is defined as pain that lasts longer than 3 months. It can be caused by an injury that has been treated and healed or by a disease process like arthritis or neuropathy. It can also be caused by something that can’t be explained.

This pain can be in muscles or bones. It can be sharp or dull, radiating or burning. Sometimes it can even be constant without any real relief.

Chronic pain can also be associated with depression and anxiety and can affect daily activities of life. It is important to seek treatment for the physical and emotional components of chronic pain.

Treatments for chronic pain can include injections into muscles for numbing and relief, physical therapy that includes stretches, manual therapy, ice and/or heat application as well as relaxation techniques.

Treatment for chronic pain can many times involve a team of individuals that help to manage your symptoms. A recent study revealed that dealing with pain from a multidisciplinary approach achieves greater results. Patients with chronic pain were treated by this approach and 75% were able to return to work. This means dealing with both mind and body to relive pain and return to daily activities of life.

The American Psychological Association confirms that attitude plays a big role in dealing with chronic pain. Managing stress, positive thinking, locating a support system and engaging in activities that you enjoy are all proven ways to help manage the emotional portion of chronic pain.

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