Sciatic Pain

For us, this begins with a thorough diagnostic assessment.  We can then craft a plan that may include chiropractic care and physical therapy. If we believe you are a good candidate for steroid-free joint injections, we will also present you with those options.

We invite you to book your Physical Medicine Discovery Day online or call our office.  Our integrative approach will get to the root cause of your pain and allow us to provide a plan that works with your insurance company for fast pain relief.  Quick relief and get you back to your normal life . . . that's our goal! 

The sciatica nerve stretches from the low back region down to the toes. When the sciatica nerve is inflamed or pinched—often the result of accident trauma, heavy lifting or sitting in one position for too long—patients experience a variety of painful symptoms (muscular weakness, numbness, sleep loss, tingling)

Our treatments primarily focus on the cause of your problems, which not only results in rapid and effective pain-relief, but most importantly, minimizes the chance of future sciatic problems.

The Physical Medicine experts at the Institute for Functional Health can safely assess your back injury, and create a therapy plan specific to your needs. Our goal is to relieve patients of sciatic pain without the use of invasive treatments.

sciatic pain chart

Stop the Cycle of Medications &
Get to the Root Cause