December 9

Save Your Progress

When you are working on a digital document, you save your progress so that you don’t lose your progress right? If you do not “save”, you would start back where you left off. The same applies without bodies in therapy or building supportive muscle strength. When you complete therapy or a strength routine, you must not let work life or home life, unravel your progress. If you are getting over pain, this vital to reducing pain sooner. Braces and supportive equipment are used to help elevate stress to our bodies. Whether you are trying to get stronger or under rehab, don’t take two steps back after taking three steps forward.

What can we use to help us maintain strength? Here are a few devices that you can use with instruction:

  • Knee brace
  • Low back brace
  • Mid/ high back brace
  • Neck brace
  • Elbow brace

The important thing to remember is when and how to use these supportive devices. Many people tend to buy a supportive device and depend on the support longer than suggested. Depending on a brace can create muscular atrophy or deteriorate muscle itself. Overuse or improper use can also hinder your range of motion when needed, making the body recruit different muscle groups to support your body. This can cause functional imbalances in the body.

How can I get information on how to use a supportive device for my situation?

Here at the Institute for Functional Health, we can assess your current musculoskeletal health. In order to maximize strength building and rehabbing chronic or acute conditions, you need a plan. Do not take a guess on what you need to save your progress. Get the help you need to improve long term health.


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