Regenerative Therapy

Cutting Edge Technology of the Future

That which was once the lore of science fiction—Tissue Regenerative Technology has arrived and you could be the perfect candidate.

The future is now!

Gone are the days when the only permanent fix for knee pain is a complete knee joint replacement or surgical repair of cartilage, tendons, and ligaments.

Torn meniscus. Worn down cartilage. Even degenerative osteoarthritis is no match for your body's ability to naturally heal itself through the newest state of the art therapies.

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Under the direction of our Medical Director, Dr. Khym Zarzuela, the Institute for Functional Health of McAllen is excited to now offer two non-steroidal medical therapies proven to regenerate the torn and worn tissues that cause chronic knee joint pain.

Introducing Stem Cells & Platelet-Rich Plasma

For years, professional athletes have utilized both Stem Cell Therapy and Platelet-Rich Plasma to recover more quickly from injuries. Professional athletes were indeed a select few outside of research institutions who could afford such cost-prohibitive treatments. Their livelihoods depended on their ability to repair torn tissue and return to the game.

Those once cost-prohibitive treatments are now a legitimate option for the rest of us. Whether our pain is the result of a new or old injury, the result of years of wear and tear on our knee joints, or even osteoarthritis beyond our control, stem cell therapy and platelet-rich plasma hold the keys to unlocking your own fountain of youth.

How Does This Work?

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells are the undifferentiated biological cells from which we all begin. The first cells as an embryo are not specialized to be heart tissue, lung tissue, or bone tissue. Instead, stem cells are the initial building blocks and as they divide and grow, they become specialized cells based on where they are needed in the construction of us as complete organisms.

Stem cells act as a blank canvas, if you will, and they are flexible to become whatever cells are needed.

Medical researchers determined that when these cells are introduced into a distressed joint, such as a knee with worn cartilage or a torn meniscus, these stem cells identify the need for specialized tissue . . . and become that tissue is precisely what they do.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

Similar to stem cells, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) also promotes the body’s own healing, but through a different mechanism.

Your body’s first response to soft tissue injury is to deliver platelets. Platelets carry cells, proteins, and other growth and healing factors that initiate repair and attract the critical assistance of your own stem cells.

During PRP Therapy, we draw a small sample of your blood (similar to a lab test sample) and spin the blood at high speeds in a centrifuge, separating the platelets from the other components.

The concentrated platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is then injected into and around the point of injury, jump-starting and significantly strengthening the body’s natural healing signal.

What's the Catch?

There is no catch.

Your body quite literally heals itself – but without the pain and risks of surgery and general anesthesia.

The same ethos that we practice with regard to your Functional Health is alive and well in our approach to your Physical Health.

Generally speaking, stem cell therapy is more effective for older patients who are not as active as they once were and so their body does not produce the same level of regenerative cells. Stem cell therapy is particularly effective for older patients suffering from osteoarthritis.

To that same point, younger patients who have suffered major ligament or cartilage damage may also require stem cell therapy due to the severity of the damage and your body’s inability to recruit enough of your own regenerative cells.

However, for many active patients with minor wear or partial tears, platelet-rich plasma therapy is a sufficient treatment option.

What Comes Next?

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