Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is the treatment of physical disability, movement, or pain by exercise, and without the use of medication or invasive surgery.  Physical therapy is a critical component to our functional medicine approach to helping you heal your body naturally, and without the need for endless prescriptions.

​Many patients view physical therapy only as rehabilitation treatment after surgery, but physical therapy can actually offer a standalone benefit in helping you to avoid surgery.

Upon your initial consultation to discuss joint or muscle pain, our doctors at the Institute for Functional Health will assess the entirety of you body's alignment and range of motion.  We may recommend physical therapy so as to strengthen supporting muscles and avoid surgery.

Whether your pain results from a sports injury, automobile accident, work-related injury, or just back pain from years of sitting at a desk . . . our therapist will design a plan of action based on your unique situation.  Our goal is to restore your body to its natural, healthy state--without pain and without pain medications.

Almost all of our clinics have resistance bands, ultrasound and electric stimulation machines, free weights and plyometric equipment.  Some clinics have more advanced therapy such as cryotherapy and weight machines.  For more information about the specific physical therapy treatments available at your clinic, please contact your nearest Institute for Functional Health.

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