Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone replacement therapy has been a trending topic over the last few years as research has increased in the area of anti-aging.  While our doctors at the Institute for Functional Health regularly design wellness programs that reduce inflammation in your body and can have you feeling better than you have in years, there is still a need for alternative treatments.

Our first course of action to restore your vigor and vitality is to alter the simple inputs to your body---simply put, your nutrition and exercise.

By understanding specific bio-markers in your blood stream and developing a unique program for your unique body, we can often times reverse years of poor choices that has you not quite feeling like yourself.

Some of these changes occur naturally as we age, for both men and women.  However, our functional medicine approach to restoring your body's natural health is the best tool in our arsenal when it comes to reinvigorating your natural self.

Why Bioidentical Hormones?

When hormone replacement is determined to be the next best option for you, we can then recommend you to visit with one of our medical personnel on staff who is trained to prescribe and treat patients with bioidentical hormones.

Just like any other unnatural input to your body, typical hormone replacement can have unintended side effects that wreak havoc on other body systems.  Ill-advised hormone replacement can leave your body unbalanced and require even more work to have you feeling young and youthful.

However, the newest trend is bioidentical hormone replacement.  These are hormones that are produced from natural sources such as plants or animals.  They are called "bioidentical" because your body is unable to distinguish between your own hormones and those artificially introduced into your body.

Bioidentical hormones received a bad rap several years ago because improper usage resulted in side effects typically seen with synthetic hormone replacement.  However, as the implementation of bioidentical hormones has been refined, many medical doctors have now moved to only prescribing bioidentical hormones.

The reason is simple: bioidentical hormones are prescribed to you based on specific testing of your precise hormone levels and blood analysis.  You are not receiving the same form and dosage as someone else with a slightly different condition.  This truly is healthcare uniquely designed for you.

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