November 6

A Hidden Contributor To The Obesity Epidemic

Obesity has hit epidemic proportions and people are desperate to do anything to lose their unwanted fat. Eating a healthy diet and performing regular exercise are paramount to losing fat, but there is one factor that will prevent millions of people from ever losing fat. According to the US government, this one thing is also considered to be the number one pollutant in the human body and will put a quick halt to ever reaching your desired level of fitness and fat loss!

The common link? Environmental toxins! Specifically, phthalates or plasticizers.

A major problem with these toxic substances is the fact that they are nearly impossible to avoid, so much so that they are found in every species in the world. In fact, we have so damaged the chemistry of even animals in the wild that the polar bears in the Arctic have human diseases such as hypothyroidism and osteoporosis. Phthalates are the highest pollutant in the body, being over 10,000 times higher than any of the thousands of other environmental toxins. They are so pervasive that children six years of age now have levels that used to take adults until the age of 40 to accumulate.

The government agencies, scientific and medical literature have clearly documented that a huge amount of these environment toxins (phthalates) come from our water, soda and infant formula bottles, food packaging, cosmetics, nail polish, mattresses, couches, carpets, clothing, medications, styrofoam cups, IVs, vinyl flooring, construction materials, home wiring, computers, industrial and auto exhausts, and more. The sad point is the fact that these toxins stockpile in the body and overwhelm our ability to detoxify and eliminate them.

In addition to the damage these environmental toxins do to the biochemistry of losing fat, they have also been known to be associated with difficult to treat chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, ADD, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, allergies, and much more. What is even worse is the fact a pregnant mother’s phthalate levels hugely influence not only the development of their child’s brain and glands, but also future infertility and cancer concerns and, of course, obesity.

It’s also important to remember that fat cells store a huge amount of these disruptive chemicals that come into our bodies, so the more body fat you carry, the more the difficult it becomes in turn to lose fat. Many people will never lose weight or solve some of their medical problems because they have not gotten rid of the phthalates and other environmental pollutants that have damaged their body chemistry.

An easy first step to correcting this problem is to stop drinking out of, or eating food from, plastic and styrofoam containers. And NEVER microwave food or liquids in them! Secondly, get on a good detox program so that you can repair and maximize your body’s natural detoxification processes that will help you rid the body of harmful and unwanted toxins and pollutants. Rebuilding your health may take a little time, but it will be worth the investment in protecting your future health. 


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