October 10

6 Tips to Start Exercising & Keep Your Promise to Yourself

We all have had something we are trying to achieve, and realize it was harder than we though. When it comes to exercise, it is very important and we need to keep the body healthy. We know it takes more than just saying you promise on Monday you are going to start going to the gym – we all need to be accountable

  1. Find a workout buddy – It helps having someone besides yourself to keep you accountable when you try to avoid your workout. Plus, when the workout gets hard, they have your back.
  2. Look up gym classes – If you start scoping out classes and trying them, you can really find something you truly enjoy. Plus, when you find a class you really like you are more likely to go. Your group fitness instructor will even remember your name – you bet they may call you out if they notice you’ve missed a class.
  3. Always pack a bag – You never want to use the “well, I don’t have my bag,” excuse. If you always keep a change of clothes with you, the second you have some spare time you can get a couple minutes in at the gym. Who knows when your friend may ask you to join them at the gym!
  4. Set realistic and attainable goals – We all know it takes time to put weight on, just as it does to lose weight and gain muscle. Setting realistic goals helps you achieve them more successfully. You can always tack goals on, but you want to set yourself up for success. You can do this!
  5. Be positive – You are making a change, and you can stick to it. You are doing something for yourself that will help keep you healthy. It is worth it, and so are you.
  6. Stick to it – It takes at least a week to make a habit of something. Keep your workout time part of your schedule. You will get used to your designated time, and the day you miss you will feel thrown off. It just takes time!


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